Street Food Show is here


The Street Food Show is here! After overcoming the difficulties, we are finally at our destination. Are you ready for the street food experience? Because the show is just beginning !!!

We pressent to you the Street Food Show


Fully hygienically equipped with stainless steel kitchen for food and drink. It is also environmentally friendly with the use of electricity and quiet movement. Fully compliant with all the regulations of the European Union, it is coming to Greece to fascinate you!

Street Food Show Menu

The Street Food Show presents its menu with traditional Greek recipes and excellent ingredients. In the menu you will find souvlakia🍢, sandwiches🌭, salads 🥗, portions🥩, drinks and refreshments 🍻.


See our full menu:

Street Food Show enviromentally friendly


The Street Food Show is coming with respect for the environment. Through the operation of electricity, it helps to reduce gaseous pollutants in the atmosphere. At the same time, it supports the silent movement with the electric movement. 🚍🥦🎥.

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